Angel Investments

I invest in data, dev, and security companies, first or second round (seed/A). I invest a combination of my own money and out of a scout fund. If you want to chat, DM me on Twitter.

Company Category Open Source? Tagline
Acquire Marketplace No Startup acquisition marketplace. Free. Private. No middlemen.
Artillery Dev Yes Planet-scale performance testing
Bucket Dev/PM No Ship Successful Features
DX Dev No Empower your developers to work as happily and productively as possible
Gitpod Dev Yes Spin up fresh, automated dev environments for each task, in the cloud, in seconds
Gradual Community No All Community-Led Experiences In One Place
Hightouch Data No Supercharge your business teams with customer data
Liveblocks Dev No Build amazing real-time collaborative products
Splitgraph (acquired) Data Yes Splitgraph is an integrated data catalog and database proxy
Stashpad Dev No Note-taking but like messaging yourself
Stellate Dev No Reliable GraphQL APIs at any scale
Sym Dev No Intelligent Approvals as Code
Tromzo Dev/Security No Make Application Security Easy For Developers
Waldo (acquired) Dev No Ship mobile apps faster with fewer bugs